Postcards from New York

Postcards from New York

Postcards from New York is the result of Bernat Hernandez’s stay in the Big Apple during the autumns of 2007 and 2009. It is an introspective album, intimate, happy, ambiental and full of details that crop up along its playing. Responds to the will of the composer to reflect the images and experiences lived in NYC and is the result of all the lessons learned throughout his career. Published in a double album, Postcards from New York is not halfway, but in two ways at once: nowadays jazz and jazz-fusion, including acoustic songs at the first CD and electric song at the second. BeHer3 is formed by Bernat Hernandez on bass, Didak Fernandez on drums and Alvaro Gandul on piano and keyboards. The album is also featured by Pepe Bao and Horacio Fumero and includes a remix of GarcyNoise.

With this debut album, Bernat Hernandez shows us his unique vision of music and we want to bring us to the city of New York with fifteen cards, paying tribute to the city and sharing with the public the great music this city has inspired to the author.

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1 twenty-4-seven 2 a squirrel in my window 3 mingblues 4 duet (feat. Horacio Fumero)
5 the twin, the queen and the king 6 i can feel your voice again 7 snow

cup noodles 2 staring at the Chrysler 3 mezzanine 4 smith & hickock
5 the brooklyn bridge 6 houtze 7 the man with yellow sneakers (feat. Pepe Bao)

8 lullaby for manhattan 9 staring at the chrysler (GarcyNoise remix)