On the floor

G -Lab DR-2

G -Lab SD-1

Aclam Modular Track


Moogerfooger Bass Murf, foot controler and tap tempoMoogerfooger Freq Box, foot controler

Moogerfooger Freq Box, foot controlerMoogerfooger Freq Box, foot controler

Electroharmonix Bass SynthElectroharmonix Bass Synth

Electroharmonix Q-Tron+Electroharmonix Q-Tron+

MXR Dunlop Auto-QMXR Dunlop Auto-Q

Zvex RingtoneZvex Ringtone

Snarling Dog BootzillaSnarling Dog Bootzilla

Digitech Bass Synth WahDigitech Bass Synth Wah

Boss RC-20Boss RC-20


Boss Line SelectorBoss Line Selector

Boss Auto WahBoss Auto Wah

Boss Bass Graphic EqBoss Bass Graphic Eq

Boss Bass Parametric Eq

Boss OC3Boss OC3

Tech 21 Sans-Amp Programmable Bass DITech 21 Sans-Amp Programmable Bass DI

X-Otic X-BlenderX-Otic X-Blender

Fridgebuzzz Land of the Rising FuzzFridgebuzzz Land of the Rising Fuzz

Ernie Ball Volume pedalErnie Ball Volume pedal

TC Electronic PolytuneTC Electronic Polytune

Source Audio Multiwave distorion

Source Audio Wah Filter


Floorpedals are not really used by bassists so much. I think in one hand for laziness, in the other hand due to the complication to process the bass’s low-frequencies. However, I think there is a whole world to be founded in this field.