Fight With Your Best Weapons

Fight with your best weapons is a long-term album, should be no need to rush and should be taken with some time. Every single tune is a way to transmit a bunch of moods and feelings thru the music.

This album is not just a music one, is also a positivism message, and self-improvement from its author. A bad experience can become an artistic creation, in a chance to create something from really deep within, from a negative status, to a positive one. All that, just using the best weapons that everyone has inside.

The compositions start from closed melodies, but once the album goes forward, this melodies let some space to more ambient sounds, where electronic and improvisation take the sound space. Jazz, Fusion and Electronic take control of the sound of the album, bringing the audience into a more BeHer3’s world.

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First part

1 Gotta Shot of Whiskey 2 Holland 54 3 Wallander  4 Under the Blanket 5 Descend 6 Mono Moon 7 We try it in the soundcheck 8 Absolute Zero

Second part

9 Hexagonal Pixel 10 Shout with all Ur might 11 Staring at the Chrysler (acoustic version) 12 In a really good company 13 The Dover Man 14 Hypothetically Crystal 15 Living in some other frequencies 16 Don’t rip the letter 17 Traffic Jam 18 A long way back to Home