What is Neuf?

Neuf is an audiovisual show ensembled by a jazz-fusion trio, a string quartet, a disk-jockey and a video-jockey. Phonetically, the title of this Project /nœf/ is a game on words between French translation of number “nine” (total number of performers involved) and the adjective “new” (because it is a brand new creative project).
During one hour repertoire, fully composed of original new tunes, the sound field fits between electronic music, jazz and rock, as well as elements of classical and contemporary music. It is a sound continuum that goes throughout the show with no interruptions or cuts, musical fragments linked one after the other, transporting the audience to a perfect communion between images and music.
The visual part is based on the paintings of abstract artists, such as Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky and Mark Rothko, combined with fictional creations designed by computer graphic software, real dance by talented performers and poetry recordings.
All the Neuf performers take part in big projects during their own careers, like Llibert Fortuny XXL, Macaco, Sidonie, Nena Daconte, videogame “Invizimals” OST, Xavi Reija Electric Quintet, Manolo García, Joan Manuel Serrat, The World Orchestra, Girona Orchestra, Barcelona Sinfonietta, Philarmonic Orchestra of Catalunya, Young Orchestra of Figueres, Kayros Quartet, Conjunt XXl, Chamber Orchestra of Penedès, BCN216, Eclectic Colour Orquestra, as well as musicals Fame, Hair and Grease

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